white kitchen with gray marble counter top and white subway tile back splash

white kitchen with gray marble counter top and white subway tile back splash

Italian kitchen decor is one of the favorite themes used in the kitchen installation and is excellent for enjoying a fantastic dining experience. Italian Tuscan-style kitchen furnishings show warmth from earth tones and use natural materials such as granite, stone, terracotta or slate.

Italian furnishings use old-style kitchen lighting made of forged antiques and avoid modern designs. Bowls, ceramic pictures and painted wooden furniture make a strong contribution to authentic Italian kitchen decor.

Ideal Italian décor uses either subtle scrolling or a dramatic style. It avoids all objects that contain excessive frills, which use earth tones or muted colors. Faux painting or wall texturing gives them a rough plaster look and adds to the theme of the kitchen.

Description and features

Italian cuisine is basically divided into two types - the antique style and the modern style. While conventional form gives the kitchen simplicity, love and warmth, the modern style gives the house a more modern and modern look.

The first thing to consider when choosing Italian kitchen decor is the color scheme. Choose colors like earth, gold and sea-based tones. Buy majolica ceramics and use these colors to affect the shades of your floors and walls.

Italian interiors usually contain brown or white shades and emphasize more the antique and classic design. It offers enough space to cook many things. Genuine Italian decor is more lasting and lasting. They talk about delicious food and a lot of fun.


Use a lot of steel on countertops, walls and appliances. Analyze and interpret the theme. Base your room around grapes or wine. You can do this by stenciling them on the walls or hanging grapes from the chandelier.

Always decorate based on your cooking style. It all depends on the food. Keep it comfortable and let your Italian kitchen decor make people spend maximum time.