While the traditional shaker kitchens are equipped with wooden buttons

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It is not always the large appliances that people notice in your kitchen. If you want to scrutinize your kitchen, you may want to consider replacing small items such as your paper towel rack, trash and other small items. It can make a big difference if you match these items either by color or material.

They can take your kitchen to the next level and you don't have to spend a lot of money to do it. When you create your kitchen you do not ignore the small items. Put all kitchen accessories on your budget sheet.

Something that seems insignificant that a paper towel holder can classify your kitchen. Not only is it functional, but there are so many varieties that you can find something that suits your kitchen decor and spice it up a bit. Kitchen towel racks can be placed under a cupboard, under the sink or sit on top of the counter.

You can find a paper towel holder for as little as $ 15 or more than $ 30. You can find wooden towel racks, steel racks and many in between. There are kitchen paper towel racks attached to your refrigerator with strong magnets.

Even holders that sit on top of your counter make it easy to tear off just one strip with one hand. A weighted base keeps it from slipping and a spring arm holds the roller in place. I don't hate it when the roll falls down or if you pull off more than one sheet when you try to tear off a sheet. Thanks to innovative design, you do not have to spend time looking for the end of the scroll. You do not have to worry about the roller loosening and detaching as newer holders are made to keep the roller on the holder.

Paper towel racks can be used outside the kitchen. Many people decide to have paper towels in the guest bathroom instead of using towels.