Whereas traditional Shaker kitchens featured timber knobs, it's easy to intr…

Whereas traditional Shaker kitchens featured timber knobs, it's easy to introduce satin nickel, vintage brass or pewter knobs or cup handles. Worktops were originally of wood, but more modern materials such as granite or quartz are often more practical and hardwearing, and will give a Shaker kitchen a modern feel.

Mediterranean decor can give the carefree, bright and breathless feeling of vacationing in a beautiful seaside resort back to your heart. The Mediterranean blends Turkish, Italian, Spanish, Greek and Moroccan patterns that can add a splash of refreshing boldness and charm to your daily living area and turn it into a retreat chalk full of cultural tradition.

Why so vibrant colors? The Mediterranean believed that mixing and matching, with vibrant colors, was a way to show individuality and ethnic pride in a world where rulers always came and go. In addition, the light-painted houses on terraced cliffs also helped sailors to recognize their special homes from the sea, where they spent their lives fishing.

In your living room, modern Mediterranean decor strives for simplicity with light white color and furniture and relies on stylish accents - for example: Fez lantern or Cleopatra's Star pillows. A popular choice for living room utensils in the living room are textured walls with Mediterranean artwork and pure white curtains. You can also choose to install a "Moorish" roof made of ornate woodwork to give your room a unique, church-like tranquility, while the "Imperial Moroccan" door reveals additional medieval character in your living room. Both "Mediterranean Table" and "Farah Table" offer modern design. Large windows, tropical plants and an Alexandria vase can make a nice addition to your room. If the living room is not so large, adding the Arabic mirror can give the illusion of having more space.

In the kitchen, some decorators paint their walls with lively sunset red, cobalt blue or egg yellow. Others choose blue and gold mosaic tiles for countertops, dining tables and stove backgrounds. In the window, terracotta pots filled with spices and herbs or brilliantly reflective vases are a nice touch. You can throw colorful bowl sets in the mix for a kitchen with really Mediterranean decor.

Most bathrooms in the Mediterranean have old-fashioned bathtubs or hot tubs built into marble floors. The bathrooms are another great place for functional mosaic wall, countertop, sink or floor tiles. For the very ornate, a Moorish wooden arch can be placed over the bath in the "ceiling", with lamps and lanterns that provide the illumination for this breathtaking room.

The bedrooms can benefit from the beautiful headboards, armrests, mirrors and chest that we have to offer. You & # 39; You want to keep this room simple and basic, for the most part, to help with night relaxation. Choose one or two main items and keep walls and bed covers a neutral terracotta, olive, light blue or gold. Lamps are a nice way to add a subtle splash of artistic design without exaggerating it.

The backyard garden can also benefit from Mediterranean furniture. The king's fountain will be the centerpiece of your garden and provide the quiet sounds of running water. Building a wooden vault and weaving white light and a vine growing as ivy is another fantastic arrangement. Many of our tables - like "Sahara Sand" or "Emerald Nights" - were built of sturdy materials to withstand outdoor elements.

The great thing about choosing a Mediterranean theme for your home is that each room will look different. At the end of the day, you don't want your home to be crowded and cluttered with a circus of conflicting themes and patterns; You want something neat, unique, relaxing and very "you".