This elegant and white kitchen is decorated with IKEA furniture and a profi …

This elegant and white kitchen is made with furniture from IKEA and a professional … #this #a #elegante #kitchen #plawn

Are you considering a complete kitchen renovation? Are you thinking of replacing floors as well as cabinets and appliances? If you are interested in a complete kitchen review, one question will put you in the dilemma: Should I install wood floors first or kitchen cabinets?

Harwood floor or kitchen cabinets: Is there a solution?

The answer to the question depends on your situation. If you do a massive makeover in the kitchen, it is best to install wooden floors before installing the kitchen cabinets. Take a look at the list of compelling reasons that will help you solve the dilemma of hardwood floors versus cabinets:

· The advantage of flexibility

Usually, wooden floors will be longer than the kitchen cabinets. You may also be tempted to change the design of the kitchen and make changes to the footprint of the cabinet. If you have such a floor above the kitchen floor, you can easily change the location of cabinets and appliances.

· Height issue

When you first install kitchen cabinets and appliances on the subfloor, you may fall short of the height. Then you have to insert plywood ladders under the cabinets to get the height right. Instead of spending time and work on plywood, why not install the wooden floor first?

· The perfect finish

If you install the cabinets first, they may be damaged during the installation of the wooden floor. And you really don't want colored or nicked cabinets. You also need to cut the floor to fit the cabinets properly. It will increase your cost. When you want a nice kitchen, it is best to go with the floor first.

When should you install the kitchen cabinets first?

If you are interested in floating wooden floors, it is best to install the kitchen cabinets first. The reason for that is simple. Floating floors expand and contract according to the temperature changes. And if there is a heavy cabinet on the surface of the floating floor, it will not have the opportunity to expand. It will cause the wood to break.

If you are about to replace wooden floors in the near future, it is best to install the kitchen cabinets first. This will ensure that you do not need to remove the cabinets while making any changes to the floor.

There is no clear answer to the question. It depends on your situation and your budget. So when it comes to making a decision, list your requirements. Do you walk with floating wooden floors? Will you be replacing appliances in the near future? Do you want to change the footprint of the cabinet? Think about all the factors before choosing the option that suits you best.