RTA Cabinets: Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets and Bathroom Cabinets – Lily Ann

RTA Cabinets: Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets and Bathroom Cabinets – Lily Ann

Birch, pine, cherry and oak are the most widely used forests for the design of kitchen cabinets. There are all sorts of surface treatments, including durable veneers and colors. The base material and the finish are usually determined by personal preference and the project budget.

Choose from stock, semi-custom or custom cabinets

The most affordable kitchen cabinets are the ones that are prepared. They are either in stock for immediate delivery or can be prepared and delivered when ordering. Expect limited options for styling, wood, colors, etc.

Semi-custom cabinets have a larger price tag. They are created by choosing from stock cabinets and customizing through the detail options. Although the possibilities are limited, it is a way to have a little design input without the expense of fully custom cabinets.

Custom cabinets are the way to get exactly what you want. This freedom of design comes with the most cost as it requires design time and labor costs. They are sometimes built near or directly on the kitchen building site by a very skilled trader.

When planning to renovate your kitchen, you should consider the peripherals for cabinets that will upgrade the function of your chosen layout. You can add units with built-in spice racks, shelf drawers, pot organizers, space savers, pantry and more. Let everything work beyond external appearance.

Coordinate style and color to transform your kitchen or bathroom

Color choices in cabinets work in conjunction with the lines of the selected cabinet style. When you change either, the overall look changes. Consider the following example by using the Shaker style.

White Shaker Cabinet attention with the sharp lines of simplicity. The green white adds a crisp, clean and cool look while lighting up the entire kitchen space. This combination exceeds design styles; it works just as well in modern kitchen design as in cabin and traditional kitchens. Less becomes more!

White shaker styling remains a trendy choice as it supports versatility. It's timeless. Go & # 39; white on white & # 39; Use vibrant floors and wall colors or decide on something in between. When you are in the mood for a small change, this is easily accomplished by changing the hardware for the shaker cabinet.

Honey Shaker Cabinets offer the same simplicity and versatility while providing subtle extra warmth. The soft tone harmonizes very well with countertops and back splashes in grayscale and brown spectrum.

Espresso Shaker Cabinets bring dramatic wealth into the room with a deep, dark tone. With the Shaker styling, you now maintain a bold statement about rugged elegance. Choices for the surrounding design components determine the visual depth.

Regardless of the chosen cabinet design, it is a very clear difference to move from a lightly toned alternative such as Cinnamon Dove to a medium toned alternative such as Pecan Square or Ginger Square. The change is even more dramatic when you go with deeper tones like Dark Cherry.

Mixing cupboard styles and colors is extremely popular. Design rules are not etched in stone. This fact is the driving force behind transition design; comfortably combine traditional features with sophisticated, modern design elements. Create your own look!

Use rich Espresso for the base cabinets while installing white or light-toned upper cabinets to anchor the design and give off a serenity of tranquility. Visually lower the height of the kitchen ceiling by installing dark tinted cabinets on the top and lighter in the bottom.