Over 50 outdoor bar ideas for outdoor projects

Over 50 outdoor bar ideas for outdoor projects

When refurbishing the kitchen, refrigerator / freezer is without doubt the most important equipment to choose. Going high on many homeowners' wish lists is appliances below zero. Tailor made with natural wood panels to match a kitchen & # 39; s d├ęcor, or connected with stainless steel or glass fronts, gives this appliance a touch of class to your kitchen review. They are the definitive components of all modern kitchens. Most renovators are recommended to cut down on other areas in the remodeling process to afford one. This leads consumers to argue: Is it worth the cost? Here are some reasons why they are worth the investment:

Two compressors

Unlike other available alternatives, appliances below zero are built with two compressors, one for cooling and the other for freezing. Relieving the load on a single compressor not only helps longer the life of the appliance but also improves food quality. Simply put, fresh foods survive best in a chilled environment while frozen foods prefer the dry air that prevents freezing from burning. Studies show that fresh foods cost 40 to 50 percent longer in one sub-model than others, while frozen foods last 200 to 300 percent longer. Given that the average American is expected to waste $ 750 food each year, this could mean a $ 7,500 saving over ten years.

Sealed doors

This is one of the few refrigerators that create a vacuum after being closed for 15 minutes. Even if you choose the glass door models, they are equipped with a triple pane for tightness. In addition, the tight hinges and magnetic gaskets found around the inner drawers help keep the food fresher.

Patented air filtration system

This unique system reduces odor by eliminating bacteria and mold. It also removes ethylene gas emitted from apples, melons and other products. This gas accelerates spoilage and is the cause of withering and discoloration in fruits and vegetables.

camouflage Designer

Zero refrigerators are often designed to disappear in your current cabinet rather than stand out as a stand-alone box in your kitchen. With a minute gap of only 1/8 ", these appliances can be placed seamlessly along your cabinets. In addition, there are alternatives such as stainless steel refrigerators for those consumers who do not choose the camouflaged design.


Wine storage units are a wonderful part of the family with appliances below zero. These coolers are a nice addition to all kitchen renovation projects. They are both neat and tidy. They are available as built-in, standalone, under counter and integrated. These units have distinct looks and the same attention to detail and quality as a refrigerator.

Finally, the family-owned company Sub-Zero is immensely proud of its attention to detail. Each product is manufactured by hand and undergoes no less than five hours of rigorous testing before delivery, ensuring that all aspects of the unit work properly and are designed to last, and maintain the company's name. Given the internal system, custom design and construction, appliances below zero obviously carry added value and consider them worth the extra cost.