One of my favourite little spots in the playroom 😍 Elijah loves cooking up a …

One of my favourite little spots in the playroom 😍 Elijah loves cooking up a storm here! Play kitchens have got to be one of my favourite toys for imaginary play! Watching Elijah's imagination burst with creativity as he plays here is just the best ❤ I've just added a gorgeous new addition to this spot too, our beautiful rainbow from @js_rainbows 😍🌈 love it so much!

Choosing a bold color in any room is always a little daunting, but it can also really add splash and character to a house. Some rooms work better for bold, bright colors and others are better with the soothing, softer colors. A kitchen is one of those rooms that can withstand the bright colors, even red, whether the walls are painted in red, or a combination or fed accessories, or a combination of both.

Certainly it can be sticky if the color is excessive or too light or even too much space. But it can also be done very tastefully and add a charm that makes the kitchen a star. Some different reds work well in the kitchen, depending on the interior and the feeling that the homeowner wants.

Cherry red gives a fantastic red kitchen. Whether on the walls or even cabinets with a light white accent, it will brighten the room and give a happy feeling. Many kitchen accessories are now available in red to play the color, and with cherries, the accessories will fit well.

Another nice color is a darker red, like a garnet or wine color. This gives a more sophisticated look and also works well as an accent color, maybe under a chair bar or just on a wall, paired with a more neutral beige color. The deep red goes well with elegant appliances and decor.

Remember that it does not have to be the color that makes a kitchen red. Use the above accessories, such as a light mixer or vintage-style red bread box on the bench, or integrate some red plates into the backsplash or counter. Red is said to increase energy levels, and that is not a bad thing in a kitchen.

So the answer is no, a red kitchen is not sticky - light, happy, sophisticated, energetic, yes, but sticky, no!