Modern black painted kitchen cabinet design ideas

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Whether you are planning a new kitchen or upgrading an outdated kitchen table, countertops are one of the most important considerations. Giving your kitchen a modern look can be expensive, but steel worktops are an exception. If you are looking for modern kitchen ideas, especially with a tight budget, you should consider stainless steel countertops as they may cost less than you think.

Pros and cons of stainless steel worktops

Stainless steel kitchen surfaces have many advantages such as durability, heat resistance, stain resistance and hygiene. these workspaces are durable because there is no possibility of t breaking, cracking or chipping. By being completely heat resistant, such kitchen surfaces allow vessels to transfer directly from the stove to the worktop without causing burn marks. You can easily get rid of most stains on a stainless steel surface with a non-abrasive scratch pad. Because they are not porous, these surfaces do not encourage bacterial or algae growth.

Along with the advantages of these surfaces, there are some disadvantages. Some of these include the ability to buckle and scrape. You need to be careful when cleaning these surfaces as they can easily absorb scratches. In most cases, dental care can be taken care of through buffering and maintenance. It is often considered that small dents and scratches add to the commercial look of a home kitchen and add provenance to the home chefs' abilities.


Stainless steel countertops are a good choice for budget conscious consumers. The cost per square meter for counters is almost 50% less than granite. The price may vary based on extra features ordered or texturing and welding. The thickness of the material will also affect the price but the same look can be achieved with very thin material.

Things to consider

Stainless steel worktops can give your kitchen an elegant, elegant and streamlined look that fits well with a variety of kitchen decor. Although basic design costs less, extras, designs and textures can make it expensive. Despite the extra cost, patterned or textured stainless steel worktops are recommended, as they are less likely to be scratched by scratches.

All things considered consider the advantages of steel worktops for the disadvantages of those who want to give their kitchen a distinct and modern look. You can choose from many models on the market, but always remember to have usability in mind, if you are looking for a commercial look then you have really made the right choice.