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Kitchen figures among the important rooms throughout the house. Recently, much attention has been paid to their presentation and decoration. This is because the concept that a kitchen is just an internal cooking space has changed. Today, kitchen architects attract the challenge of designing and decorating each kitchen in a unique way. The designs of a kitchen can be done in many ways depending on the style, preferred location, available area and specific budget. The basic parts of the kitchen are to attribute the right type of items to their appropriate locations.

A country kitchen differs from a regular kitchen because of its plumbing fixtures, ventilations, dishwashers, flooring and cooling. The special thing about kitchens in the country is that all of its cabinets and counters are made of wood to give a genuine atmosphere. Two types of wood are used to make the furniture, namely cedar and oak. Another specialty of these kitchens is their native plant life and window clothes. Flowers such as daisies and posies provide freshness in the kitchen. The window dressing, if done in light colors such as in red, yellow or blue, illuminates the entire environment.

The country's kitchen tables are traditionally round or oval and have matching wooden chairs that can be cushioned with pillows to complement window dressing. The color combination of furniture, window joints and other modern appliances should be harmonious. To give the kitchen a touch of uneven charm, accessories such as old model candle holders, old aluminum serving trays, wooden bells and various mug collections can be used. To complete the bona fide atmosphere, country floor kitchens can be made of wooden floor panels for the necessary rustic look.

Country cuisine can be designed according to the needs of the family members and their taste. Occasionally, professionals are hired to provide expertise on the design and setting of the entire kitchen.