Knee Wall Countertop Support Bracket

Knee Wall Countertop Support Bracket

Planning for a small kitchen can be a headache as opposed to a limited and small area. Good design and good planning can make the smallest kitchen a nice and attractive space to work in. But squeezing in enough work and storage space can be a true inventive direction test. All important appliances are important but are available in fixed sizes and the other basic tools struggle for space.

Sit down now and create a list of priorities so you can make the most of every inch of the place.

Ask yourself how will you use your kitchen?

Do you mainly prepare simple or packaged meals?

Or do you enjoy doing most of the cooking?

How many people do you normally see?

Do you entertain guests often?

Then you list your appliances and tools that you already have and the ones you plan to buy. Stand back and check if your current space can accommodate all listed items with the slightest change. If you really run out of space, go through your list again and remember that these items in the list must have a purpose in the kitchen.

Once you find the most optimal list and a clear functional purpose for your kitchen, you can start planning your own in a different approach. Some people will want to get ideas from the kitchen catalog. But the truth is that the pictures are dreams and do not provide much practical help. Everything is just a little too big for a small kitchen. You have to order specially designed and built-in units, but this is an expensive solution.

Try to get some ideas about kitchen design from the boat and caravan magazine. Professionals have worked out great solutions to these compact cooking areas and you will find some inspiration from them.

One of the first and most effective ways is to plan for an open kitchen. Remove all or part of a wall so that the kitchen opens at the dining room. Threaded doors naturally take up space when they are open. Get rid of the door if you can, or install a sliding door or folding doors to save vital floor space.
Sliding doors are a compromise, but the door still has to go somewhere and this requires wall space to accommodate it when it's open. A better choice may be concert-style doors that close themselves so that it takes up much less space than a standard door.

The style of a small kitchen should stay elegant and streamline. Use bright colors to enhance the feeling of space. Decorate the walls to blend rather than contrast with countertops and units. Since the walls tend to get dirty in a confined space, the use of wall tiles is much easier to keep clean. Avoid tiles with strong patterns and rectangular tiles vertically on the wall can create height.

If your priority list includes the need for maximum countertops for cooking, the lid of the sink and dining table can add important work space. Install wall units in the ceiling to make the most of the room's height. To maximize your space, start by selecting units with extendable racks, carousels and door-mounted storage racks. Assess the height of objects to be stored in wall associations; extra open shelves can almost always be added to increase storage capacity. Think of a waste management unit in the sink to remove bulky junk bins. Hanging utensils on wall-mounted stands in the middle space is another space-saving idea, which makes the cabinets free of less used items. The roof shelves are fine if the ceiling is high enough not to cause broken heads.

Installing all basic equipment and finding space for a fully stocked pantry is a real challenge! Consider using a multi-function microfunction oven to save time and mount on the wall at a comfortable height to free up valuable workbench space under. If you need to share your small kitchen with a washing machine, buy a combined washer / dryer and mount it under the faucet. Store only important small appliances such as food processor, kettle and toaster, other time-saving appliances are only time-saving but occupy valuable countertops.

Above all, avoid the mess. Keep only what is absolutely necessary close at hand. Test the hints above and your little kitchen will serve you well.