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Food, the most important source of energy for our body, is also a source of illness and anxiety. The safer the food is, the healthier a person will be. Due to industrialization and environmental degradation, the quality of available food is also deteriorating. Excessive use of insecticides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers has increased the food quantitatively but not qualitatively. When a consumer eats a food produced through excessive use of chemicals, the consumer's health is on the edge of vulnerability. So insurance of safe and healthy food is a big issue, organically grown fruits and vegetables are most beneficial to health and to produce organically grown food, kitchen gardening or gardening is the most reliable activity. It is a hobby and also a need for health conscious people.

In the kitchen garden plants are grown for consumption in houses, mainly the garden gardening is considered as the cultivation of vegetables for consumption in the house, but the kitchen garden management is more than just the production of vegetables. Kitchen gardening or gardening is an art, technique and technique for maintaining nature and growing fruits, vegetables, spices, seasonings and medicinal herbs in a family home, for consumption in houses or in any way for kitchens. It is said that there are some limitations to practicing kitchen gardening, that this system must consist of a family home, with a recreation area or a garden, to practice this technology, but our view is that it can also be practiced on the roof with the help of containers and pots.

If there is no available space on the ground, this healthy gardening activity can be practiced on house tops using pots and containers. Leisure requirements for the establishment and management of gardens are an important factor. a person can only spend time in this gardening activity if he has an interest in it, so developing interest in gardening is a key factor in establishing and managing kitchen gardens. To practice gardening activity one should know the skills to set up and manage a garden. So space, time, interest and skills are some important aspects needed to create kitchen gardens.

When you think of a kitchen / home garden, the main motive that comes in a sense is to have healthy and nutritious food, but the benefits of kitchen / home gardens are much more than that. Garden plants and their different colors stimulate healthy brain activity. Green color can also work positively to improve brain efficiency. Children and adolescents should also be involved in such methods. through this, they can increase their exposure to fruit and vegetable consumption. In order to increase children's and young people's involvement in garden-based activities, there is a need for garden-based education programs. These garden-based education programs will enhance healthy eating behavior in both children and adolescents, leading to self-conscious and healthy generation.

Kitchen gardening technology can also be practiced by housewives. They can adopt this technique as a hobby; By practicing gardening, they will be able to reduce daily expenses and ensure the provision of healthier, nutritious, cheaper and quality vegetables for their family.

So it can be concluded that kitchen gardens or home gardens can play an important role in reducing health risks and can guarantee healthy and nutritious vegetables.