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28 amazing modern kitchen cabinet design ideas

Many people when designing a shabby chic home seem to find trouble when it's time to decorate the kitchen. Kitchens are one of the spaces that are difficult to decorate without redesigning cabinets and counter tops. For those who may not have the money available to remodel the kitchen as a whole but would like to decorate in a shabby chic style, here are some tips you can do:

First, tiles and other table wear are cheap and quick ways to change the mood of all kitchens. White tiles with elegant design on the ridges are a quick replacement for other dishes and make for an immediate change in the atmosphere of space.

Secondly, small decorations and knick knacks are simple quick fixes especially for countertops and windowsills. Small knick knacks are a great way to bring small pieces of yourself into space, with pictures or towels that sport favorite flowers or quotes. Towels are also a great way to add those little shabby chic touches to a space.

Third, carpets are a big part of what can make or break space. Many rugs are now available that offer a bordered edge or other unique stitching that gives a fun feeling in space. These little pieces are enough to light up all the space and tie everything together.

Fourth, some of the easiest things you can do for a space just to get the feeling of shabby chic are just to add some curtains. Floral curtains, bright colors or elegant curtains are an easy way to splash in the shabby chic. Curtains can be a big part of a space and can easily become a point of contact. Curtains can also be connected to the other small pieces in the space that unite everything.

Fifth, furniture is a great way to add the little details to your kitchen. If you happen to have a bar area that is large enough for bar stools, you can easily dock your bar stools to match your kitchen. Comfortable chair cushions are a less expensive way to dress up bar stools you currently own, rather than buying new ones. If you do not happen to have a worktop, dress up your kitchen table. Tablecloths and chair cushions are simple pieces that you can coordinate with your new curtains, rugs and towels. Set up your table with your new dinnerware and your "new" table is ready to go and impress the guests.

Lastly, but not least, for those who can afford to splash a little can simply paint your cabinets (but may not be able to afford to spray on a whole new set of cabinets). Many hardware stores have color especially for kitchens. In addition, these stores can also help you choose colors and textures. A change as simple as painting cabinets white and giving a splash of blue inserts can completely change the space.