If you have a small house your kitchen would be small too? Usually, a small kitc…

If you have a small house your kitchen would be small too? Usually, a small kitchen seems crowded! If you don't want this, learn these clever hacks and products for a small kitchen.


White is still a more popular choice for areas to be decorated in white, black and gray. These custom cabinets will coordinate perfectly with a modern home or complement an elegant look, making them a versatile choice to help them last for years no matter how many remodeling a home looks or what style a homeowner prefers.

On the downside, white dirt shows up lighter than any other color. If the house is full of small children with dirty hands, homeowners will feel as if they spend half their day scrubbing dirt from the doors and drawers, especially if they are located in high traffic areas. This color also shows dirt and dents more easily than any other color, as well as imperfections such as scratches. Homeowners with several children or grandchildren, who are always out eating in the dining area, may want to consider another option.


Custom black rta cabinets give an elegant look to any modern home. This color will not show every single dirt or fingerprint, so homeowners can wipe them off when they have time to instead of when they can see the dirty stains.

The main disadvantage of having custom black cabinets is that it tends to show scratches as easily as white ones, if not more. The only other thing listed by consumers is that black is simply not as versatile as white. These will complement modern styles, but it will not look good if a homeowner wants to renovate and change everything to a traditional style.


Custom gray rta cabinets may seem a bit off the box, but that's exactly what makes this color so popular. Instead of wood or black and white, gray homeowners show off their unique personality and style. They also provide the perfect combination of professionals from both black and white. For example, they coordinate wonderfully with several different decoration systems, from modern to elegant. Gray does not hide dirt as easily as black, but it will not show dirt in the same way that white does. It does not show scratches as much, but does not completely hide them either.

Custom gray kitchen cabinets provide the perfect balance between the pros and cons of black and white.


Wooden kitchen cabinets are available in a variety of colors, but the same basics of black white and gray can be applied to the shade of wood. For example, darker forests will show scratches more easily, but they will not show dirt as well. Lighter colored wood is more versatile and will withstand the test of time as it coordinates perfectly with one rebuild after another.

The important thing to keep in mind when choosing a wooden kitchen cabinet is the type of wood. Tougher woods are usually suggested because of their durability.

Designing rta kitchen cabinets is a great way for couples to make their home look unique when showing off their personality through every detail of their home.