Happy New Year from Just Doors – Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Happy New Year from Just Doors – Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors

When you go on a camping trip, you would set your campsite to be a comfortable space for you to sleep, cook and eat - just like your home. It is easy to set up a camp kitchen, as long as you know which utensils are the most important. In the future, you can add more items to your outdoor kitchen, but for the moment, here are the top five things you need:


A portable stove is a must for all outdoor kitchens. You can choose to cook all your meals over a campfire but it requires longer cooking time and you can tire yourself. A cooker helps you cook faster and more conveniently.


Your stove will not run without fuel, so be sure to check your stove's fuel levels before going camping. Always have extra fuel in your hand just to be safe. One thing to keep in mind is that more fuel is consumed when you are at a higher altitude or when the weather is cold.

cooking Equipment

The goal when packing for a camping trip is to pack lightly. All you really need is a compact pot and a cast iron pan to boot, especially if you're cramped in space. But it may not be enough if you are cooking for a larger group so if space allows, add some pots and pans (or just bring a few large ones). Don't forget the smaller items that are important in cooking - a spatula, a ladle, knives, cutting board, colander, measuring cabbage scissors, food containers, garbage bags and some bowls and plates to serve food in.


A cooler has more use than keeping your drinks cold. When you are filled with ice, it is an excellent space to store foods that you cook for your trip as well as leftovers to prevent them from being destroyed. It is ideal to store most food items in a sealed container so as not to attract scavengers to your campsite.

Camping Lantern

It can get really dark in the woods and cooking can be difficult. It is not perfect to rely on the camp fire for light. While a flashlight does the job, it will tie hands. Invest in a good quality camping lamp that helps you cook, wash dishes and even give light when you eat.

Check all these items from your list and you have the 5 most important tools for your camp kitchen!