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Individuals who want a new look for their kitchen do not need to completely renovate it; they can benefit from updated kitchen lighting to enhance the look and modernize the kitchen. With the help of an electrical contractor and some wise lighting choices, individuals can make their kitchen look much more updated and fantastic. In addition, they can potentially save a lot of money in the process.

Under cabinet lighting

Under cabinet lighting is a great way to increase the lighting in your kitchen and over your work surfaces, as well as make your kitchen more modern. Fluorescent, LED and incandescent lamps are all available for lighting under cabinets, so there is an option for all types of kitchen decor and personal taste. The cost will vary depending on the type of lamps installed and how many fixtures are installed, but the average cost is between $ 100 and $ 500. Individuals can do this project themselves or for those who cannot, an electrical contractor can help .

Recessed lighting

Another great way to update your kitchen lighting is to add recessed lighting, which can be a great way to improve the ambiance of the room as well as add "assignment" lighting for cutting, reading recipes and other jobs. Recessed lighting is also a great way to add "accent" lighting to illuminate art or specific areas of the kitchen. While the cost will vary depending on the type of recessed lighting you choose, it will average about $ 20 to $ 40 per candle.

Add dimmer switches

A dimmer switch is also a great way to upgrade your kitchen lighting. A dimmer switch can allow bright lights in the kitchen for cooking, chopping and cleaning, but it can also allow dim lights that are perfect for dining or enjoying a hot cup of coffee or cocktails. It allows for the perfect combination of functionality and beauty, as it provides the atmosphere and many options for the kitchen. An electrical contractor can install a dimmer switch in just a few minutes, and the cost is relatively inexpensive. The price of dimmer switches ranges from about $ 5 to about $ 40, making it a very inexpensive way to update your kitchen lighting.

Other kitchen lighting options

There are other kitchen lighting options that allow you to achieve the perfect combination of tasks and accent lighting. Pendant lights are one of these options. Normally there is hanging above a kitchen island, bar or other workspace, pendant lights are simply fixtures that hang on drop bars. In some cases the luminaire is a single shade, but it can also contain chandeliers or other decorative light fixtures. A pendant light is a great way to add the decor to your kitchen and the lighting.

Overall, updating the lighting in a kitchen is the perfect way to give it a makeover without having to renovate the kitchen. It is much more cost effective and by choosing LEDs or other energy saving lamps, homeowners can actually save money from their update.