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Times are hard and with the current economic climate you have to wait for the new kitchen that you promised yourself. If the thought of looking at the tired units that even when new is a style you never thought was attractive, then take a heart there is a way you can get a brand new kitchen without the massive expense that a completely new kitchen would means . Read on for ideas on how to refinish kitchen cabinets that can result in a brand new and updated look for the most used room in the house.

It is not important if you have no idea how to refine your kitchen cabinets or if you are DIY skills are minimal. You can do a lot of the work yourself and it reduces costs even more. The most difficult task of removing the cupboard and the changes you make to them will be guided by what skills you have or feel that you can try. To begin with, look around your existing kitchen and then compare it to your perfect kitchen, after all, it would not be a good thing for refinished cabinets if the result could be improved with a little thinking. For example, there are some uncomplicated items that you can move. The refrigerator maybe or some other stand-alone that can be relocated or completely moved out? When you are certain that you cannot make any other simple improvements, consider colors and styles. What is the light in your kitchen, is it light and open or narrow and dark? Obviously, the former could take a dark unit without too much loss of light while the latter could do with a lighter wood or finish to help with the gloom. Browse through magazines and directories and browse the web for ideas on the styles you like. Maybe you like the modern high gloss bright deep red and black or maybe you want a shaker style or glittery white finish.

How to fine-tune kitchen cabinets starts with removing all cabinet doors. A simple rubbing and glossy paint job is the fastest, easiest and cheapest change you can make. But if you want to make major changes easily, you can use one of the modern creative textured paints that can really give a fantastic new look. For further changes you can create new stylish doors with new moldings or apply new wood veneers and finally you can go all the way and hang completely new doors. Finish with a new handle a new free workspace and hey presto a new good looking kitchen. The bonus point is the pride in having done it yourself and the mileage you can get from telling all your friends how to renovate your kitchen cabinets.