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Your kitchen is a place where you spend a significant amount of time each day. But if the kitchen is small, the same tasks seem very cumbersome and difficult to handle. To guide you, we provide 10 classic ways to maximize space in a small kitchen.

1. Choose more wall storage - The shelves in your kitchen can be enlarged to accommodate more items and containers. Try and mount all these items on the shelves that are otherwise scattered on the countertops. This way you can also reduce the mess in your kitchen.
2. Appliance integration - When you get a modular kitchen, you can always make sure appliances like microwave and dishwashers are integrated into the panel itself. By doing so, you save space on the kitchen counter and reduce the amount of things that are outside.
3. Hangers for pots and pans - Kitchenware is one of the few things that takes up a lot of space. To free up some space, you can install a hanger where such pots and pans can be accommodated. In this way, much of your cabinet can also be used for other purposes.
4. Open wall shelves - The shelves made will be more practical if you leave them open. Skip a full wall cabinet installation and use the open shelves to hold your crockery and items worth displaying.
5. Pull out counters - If you think there is still a lack of space, invest your money in pulling out counters. This can be used for cooking and once over you could close it and keep it hidden. Such a counter does not interfere with your style in the kitchen.
6. Consistent finishes - When you keep a consistent look for your kitchen, it looks neat and even the limited available space looks more. Such nice surfaces also give an elegance to your kitchen which is otherwise difficult to obtain.
7. Corner space usage - There is a lot of space in the corners that would otherwise not be used. Those who understand the importance of this space create modular kitchen brackets that use the corner much more efficiently.
8. Scalability issues - If you have a small kitchen, do not go for large-scale features and bold pattern use. Minimize the use of multiple textures and spaces and select only muted tones for the kitchen. This makes your little kitchen look spacious despite its limitations.
9. Use Multifunctional Devices - When you have space problems, you should definitely look at purchasing devices that can handle multiple tasks. That way you do not need to share space for two or three units so your work becomes comfortable.
10. Narrow cabinets and shelves - Store more items in one place by installing narrow cabinets and shelves. Such narrow shelves and cabinets can be installed in corners and places that are otherwise not so useful.

With these tips you can comfortably create a beautiful and homely kitchen even if the space is smaller.