45 Awesome Modern Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas

The kitchen, which is the modern centerpiece of every home, requires a countertop that (1.) meets the functional needs of daily cooking preparations and (2.) complements the beauty of the entire area.

Whether you are building a new house or doing a major kitchen renovation, it is important to know some useful information that will help you decide on the final design of your countertop.

If you intend to have your local supplier install it for you, he or she will probably ask some of the details that we will discuss in this article. Therefore, it is best to have a list of some of your ideas in advance. Please note that the installer will charge you according to the specifications of your project.

Frontage, the central part of the countertop, is the work area of ​​the kitchen. This is where we perform most different tasks, such as kneading and chopping. In addition, it is the surface that absorbs constant use and abuse of daily meal preparations.

During design and design, it is important to note that a depth of at least 0.60 meters is required for the worktop front to function effectively. This figure also ensures that there is a sufficient area to work with while there is enough space for the sink, the stove and other small kitchen accessories.

A countertop may be either a continuous space or a connection of two or more plates joined at angled corners. Often, kitchens with an "L-shaped" or "U-shaped" seams require to fit the size of the countertop. Alternatively, you may also consider using gangsaw plates (plates with a depth of more than one meter) to minimize the number of stitches.

A backsplash is a vertical panel installed above a worktop. It has three essential functions. First, it serves to protect the wall from splashes and blocks spills and drops from seeping from behind the cabinet. It helps keep both surfaces clean and dry, which in turn prevents mold from growing into your kitchen.

Second, it hides the gap between the rear end of the worktop and the wall behind it. Given that most walls, almost always, are not straight, a void becomes inevitable. The backsplash therefore covers this particular problem appropriately.

Finally, it gives a fantastic visual treat to everyone in the kitchen. It provides depth, color and texture in the room. Whether you prefer a 4 ″ high or a full height backsplash, it is definitely worth pairing with your countertop.

The base of the worktop is another important factor to consider during the design process. A worktop placed over a wooden cabinet usually requires a laminated edge profile to conceal the backing that supports the board. On the other hand, when installing on top of a concrete floor or a frame of metal or stainless steel, a skirting board is recommended to hide the structure underneath.

Planning the location of the sink, the stove and even the wall sockets is also a must. Use the concept of Work Triangle so that you can move freely between each workstation in the kitchen. When completed, the installer identifies the location of the cutouts based on your decision.

He or she may recommend that you adjust these places sometimes, as cuts make the stone very fragile. There should be at least 50 mm clearance between the nearest edge of the plate and the cutout lip. In some cases, the installer may even need to place it with stitches.

Therefore, it is very necessary that wooden cabinets and frame supports have a support supporting the stone slab beneath. The substrate prevents cracks and cracks from occurring, especially around the cut-outs.

Often an overlooked feature, the Edge profile is a subtle detail that makes a great statement. It is a design element that affects the appearance and functionality of the worktop as well as the entire kitchen.

Standard constructions range from Eased, Bullnose, Chamfered, etc., but the spectrum of choices is unlimited. You can even create your own design. It's a great way to customize your kitchen with just one edge detail.

Every countertop, regardless of material, must not only appeal in form but must also achieve its function. Therefore, every little detail requires careful planning before making a final decision on the design. Finding the right countertop for your home may seem easy at first, but it becomes overwhelming when you consider all the details.

Still, it's worth your effort. After all, the worktop is both workhorse and focus in your kitchen.