41 Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas To Make Cooking More Fun Rustic kitchens often…

41 Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas To Make Cooking More Fun Rustic kitchens often have a regional American flair: Adirondack, Southwestern, Mountain West or Pacific Northwest, for example. Others resemble a [u2026]

There are few things that are more fun and exciting for a homeowner than taking on a large-scale redevelopment project. Kitchen building has a special place in many people's hearts, so read on for good ideas on how you might want to design this crucial space in your home.

My traditional cultural influence

A number of popular trends from kitchen remodeling from recent years call back to older decorating eras. Ornate French designs filled with grand arches, wide-open windows, detailed facades and floral designs in everything make many kitchen ideas. The traditional English mansion replaces ornate French styling for a stately appearance with high ceilings, hanging chandeliers, glazed cabinets and bright open layouts.

Perhaps the most viewed traditional influenced design scheme of the last decade has been the Farmhouse style kitchen. These kitchens rely mainly on wood, metal and stone. They often have a combination of heavy stone (like granite) and wood worktops, polished metal accents and appliances like refrigerators hidden away behind antique wood paneling. Unlike the French and English influences, the traditional farmhouse-style kitchen radiates warmth.

Use colors!

Most kitchen designs work with a very limited pallet. But when you come up with ideas about remodeling kitchens, it's important to remember that there is nothing that forces you to stick to beige, browns, blacks and whites.

It's a good start to incorporate some off-neutral colors (like burnt reds that appear brown and ultra-dark blue that may be black), but it's nothing that stops you from moving on. Light blue and green, bright reds and oranges and yellows, accents of purple on your trim ... all of these colors can easily find their place in a properly planned kitchen remodeling project.

There is no need to make your kitchen look like a children's playhouse, but it doesn't have to be a puritan with your designs either.

Open your kitchen plans

If you have the space, or if you can create the space, you should consider working with an open kitchen.

Instead of hiding your kitchen in the corner of your house, knock down the walls and free up your space. Many open kitchen designs bleed directly into a living room or dining room, making cooking a much more social experience. For the most part, open kitchen designs have a counter or an island that helps to both give a small distinction between the two adjoining rooms and to allow others to sit and socialize with you while cooking.

While most chefs and chefs appreciate the breathing room that opens up the kitchen's remodeling ideas, they are perfect for entertaining and house parties.

Think about sustainable kitchen ideas

There are many ways you can use your remodeling project as a way to reduce your environmental impact.

For starters, you can use sustainably harvested wood for your cabinets, counters and floors. Bamboo is an increasingly popular and viable earth-friendly alternative to the old growth plant that many constructions traditionally use.

The biggest benefit you can incorporate into your designs is energy efficient appliances. An energy efficient refrigerator not only helps the environment, but they are also known to cut your energy bills at a fraction of their past costs! Who knew rebuilding could actually save money?