36 Creative ways to use the RÅSKOG Ikea kitchen cart

36 Creative ways to use the RÅSKOG Ikea kitchen cart #kitchen #raskogutility #bedroom #craft #ikeakitchen

Kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house. From cooking delicacies to cooking diet food; It is the place where you get fuel for your body. Running a kitchen is no mean feat, especially when you need to keep track of cost increases without compromising your food preferences. Your kitchen may be messy.

Here are some important kitchen chops that you continue to integrate into your kitchen to run it efficiently and save some money as well.

Plan ahead

By planning for 2-3 meals in advance, you significantly reduce the waste of food in the kitchen. This means that you can cook in a more controlled amount and prepare combinations of light and heavy foods to keep your diet balanced.

Cut vegetables in bulk

To save time and effort, you can cut vegetables into 3-4 meals at a time and store them in airtight containers in the fridge. But be sure to cut a lot of vegetables as it can lose its freshness over time. This way you can save yourself extra effort to wash and cut vegetables over and over again.

Use leftovers smartly

There are millions of people who are not allowed to eat three square meals a day. Therefore, it is criminal to waste some food. Store dishes in the fridge for use the next day if possible. Things like bread can be sliced ​​into small pieces and fried and used in tomato soup as bread crumbs. You can also use vegetables to prepare salad instead of throwing them away.

Keep the tools ready

To quickly track your cooking, make sure the necessary utensils are clean and close to the stove to avoid last-minute searches. For example, keep your utensils ready after dinner to comfortably cook your breakfast in the morning.

Stock up

Buying things in bulk is always rewarding. Perishable products per day such as lentils, rice and flour should be purchased in bulk to save extra dollars. You can also buy potatoes, onions, apples and semi-ripe bananas in large quantities to get extra discounts and avoid regular trips to the market.

Plan the food budget

Keeping things under budget and also avoiding unnecessary spending by acting impulsively; It is important to plan a feasible budget first. First, make a list of important items. if there is a little extra budget you can pamper yourself with buying an expensive gourmet sauce or frozen food.

Your kitchen needs some good management skills to help your household function efficiently. By following these simple yet important kitchen rules you can certainly save some extra money and time in the kitchen.