15 Clever Renovation Ideas to Update Your Small Kitchen

Do you intend to give a good, useful and creative gift to your talented cooking friend? You can either decorate your own kitchen with these cool kitchen utensils or gift your loved one with one of these; to impress them and make it all easy for the manufacturer as well.

Check out the following gadgets that get a smile on the face of those sweating in the hottest kitchen to feed their loved ones.

1. Fruit slicers: There are many varieties of fruit slicers available on the market today. The coolest of them are the ones with the appropriate shape and the practicality. The banana-shaped slices are the best for children who love to prepare their own snack because they can be used to cut the whole banana into even pieces without the help of a sharp and dangerous knife. The apple slices with large, strong and raised handles facilitate breakfast preparation.

2. Multiple Herbs: These gadgets are for you who hate the knife as a cutting device. With this scissor-shaped multiple blade gadget you can cut herbs into smaller and finer pieces, with a little effort and time.

3. Custom rolling pins: Specially designed rolling pins may be the best option for cookie and paratha manufacturers. These pins come with engraved designs so you can create different shapes while rolling your cake or prepared dough.

4. Mobile Connected Measuring Instruments: There are many gadgets that help you measure the ingredients without making many utensils dirty. There are applications for the phone to connect to these gadgets for accurate measurements.

5. Boiled egg shapes: Boiled eggs are the most favored breakfast option. You can make it more interesting with different shaped boiled eggs. There are different types of forms for such creative minds; like square, skull shaped, etc. Just choose your favorite shape and serve the best breakfast for your loved ones.

6. Ice Cube Shapes: To serve your guests with luxurious drinks, use the crystal beaded ice cream silicone molds or for theme parties, you can choose brain-shaped molds to impress your children and their friends.

7. Tea breakers: Various shaped tea breakers are an added attraction for your d├ęcor during serving. You can impress your guests with various forms of tea brewers such as leaning man, floating shark or "deep tea" diver, etc.

8. Roll n pour: This roll n pour is in the form of a small rocking chair that can hold your juice or watering can. It helps you to easily pour the liquid from the jug to the glass without straining your hands effortlessly.

9. Pancake Pen: These are best for moms with young children to introduce creative pancake forms so that your child fully enjoys breakfast. Even your child can try to create shapes that come to their mind with this handy gadget.