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The recent mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso are yet another sign of our imposing society in America. Whatever the left likes to trump, it's not about the weapons. Nor is it about "white superiority". Both are just symptoms of a nation entering its final years of life. It's the elephant in the kitchen.

America began long ago to take God out of society. It would be the God who actually provides the sovereignty under which we inhabit His earth. It is worth noting that if man offered our sovereign, man could remove it, which is what is happening in our country right now.

We have removed God from public places, banned him from our schools, and allowed elected officials to pledge their loyalty to our nation in books other than his Bible. Then we wonder why we do not enjoy the blessings we once did in America. After the war to remove God from sight, we then began killing his newborn children in the thousands in the name of "rights" and convinced everyone who disagreed.

We wake up every day in a society where morality no longer exists, where marriage, when it was a decent laboratory, is stamped "obsolete" and thrown into the rubbish bin of history. Our children are fees for the state from cradle to college when they owe student loans that they can never pay. We go to bed, sleepless, wondering why people shoot other people? We should not be surprised by the shooters but by the people who are surprised that the shootings happen.

Courts order parents to chemically castrate eight-year-olds who think they are the wrong sex; Schools discipline students for not using the correct "pronoun" when addressing other students and men who cannot compete with other men in sports can claim to be women and go home with the gold.

As a society, we cannot continue to plant thorns and expect roses to bloom. We allow immigration, both legal and illegal, to dilute the values ​​that made our nation strong. We flood our country with people, many who have no fault of their own, have no idea of ​​living or contributing to a peaceful and productive society. In the Left's quest for so-called "equality," they transform our culture and our nation into precisely those countries that our new immigrants have moved.

We have a culture where we should not discriminate against anyone or anything, except white people and white men in particular. Women are martyrs; men are guilty, do not think until proven, and blacks are "owed" compensation and the Spanish deserve their countries back. Women demonize masculinity while many others are offended by a momentum in the wind. And we wonder why people go over and shoot at people.

One wise man once said "you reap what you sow" and our harvest grows nicer for the day. Young men who spend hours and hours playing violent video games, who never talk to a real person, begin to believe that their lonely lives are real.

All but a handful in America are guilty. The duped and do-gooders pushing for a Marxist utopia lead the charge.

How about the silent majority you ask? What's wrong with them? They mean nothing just because they say and do nothing. The elephant in the kitchen, the behemoth that we will not talk about is getting bigger and bigger. The elephant of ruined families, political correctness, a rainbow of sex and open borders in combination with the left's transition to tribalism is almost indestructible at this point.

Just as we are not surprised by the sun coming up in the morning, we should not be surprised by the shootings, looting and devastation of the new Third World America.