100 ideas for rural cuisine to inspire the heart of your home …

100 Ideas for Rural Cuisine to Inspire the Heart of Your Home # Ideas #image #inspire #cook #landers

Modern kitchens are often designed with a large amount of space to decorate above the cabinets, but unfortunately it leaves most people lost what to do with it. With a little creativity and a little thought in order and selection, you can easily make that space a beautiful point of contact or a subtle addition to your current kitchen decor. Silk Flower Arrangements are a great way to enhance these spaces.

In the design of the above cabinet space, some rules apply.

  1. You can fill the entire space with accessories of different heights and shapes, tied together with color or theme, or maybe even a garland of garland, greenery or berries.
  2. If it is too full, you can create small groupings of accessories, ceramics, plants or art that you place in strategic places and leave open space in between for extra drama.
  3. Avoid the monotony of distributing individual items evenly throughout the cabinet. This lacks drama, artistic creativity and cohesion.

Here are just a few ideas:

Pottery: Decorative "kitchen" pottery is a nice idea if it matches the desired theme in the kitchen. Arrange small groups and add some small flowers of silk.

Lighting: It can be as complicated as installing fixtures such as track lighting or canned lighting, or it can be as simple as placing a string of white miniature Christmas lights or a long string of replays on the inside of the cabinet. This effect is particularly dramatic for holidays or special occasions and this lighting can also be used to enhance your other decorations such as your flowers of silk.

Plants and flowers: Due to their low maintenance and allergy-friendly indoor properties, this purpose fits with beautiful silk flower arrangements and artificial plants. Choose flowers that accentuate the colors of your wood and paint. Add greenery that has both depth and height - perhaps a draping ivy on one side and on the other, a pot of variegated grass and earth balls. A topiary collection is also a very suitable option as long as the rest of the kitchen is tasteful and elegant.

Art and Photos: This is where the line between sticky and tasteful can easily cross. Start by creating your event, but be sure to give yourself room for change. In other words, if it doesn't work, it won't work. Do not use your cabinets as a place to view older photos or wedding photos. If you have photos or prints of still images framed with exceptional quality, this is a good place to start. Otherwise, completely scrape the art photo idea.

baskets: Again, this is another design element that can easily be mistaken. Use only nice, high quality baskets and just a few for it. Maybe you can fill one or two of the baskets with the artificial plant or silk flower mentioned earlier.

Holiday Decor: For Christmas, decorate a miniature Christmas tree. During Easter, maybe an egg tree or some lively silk lilies displayed in acrylic water. For autumn, an arrangement of high block candles of orange, brown and rust accompanied by autumn leaves and a tied stalk of wheat or straw. For the summer, perhaps a lovely decorative flower wreath is perfect.

Overall, flowers of silk are one of the best options because of the wide variety of colors and styles available but also because of the shapes and configurations they come in. In addition, they are & # 39; long-lasting and virtually maintenance-free.