10 Ways to Style Your Kitchen Counter Like a Pro

Each and every person has their own way they like their counter top to be, so don’t let us tread on your toes! If you do happen to like some…

Okay Christmas is almost here and now is the time to think about gifts to give to the ones you love. Of course, if you've just got married or set up home, why not think of something important to the kitchen, especially if your partner is a really good cook. Below we offer some Christmas 2011 kitchen appliances gift ideas that are worth considering for those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Apparatus 1 - Steamboat

One of the best ways to preserve all important nutrients, minerals and vitamins in the food, and to help it retain its color, texture and taste is through steam. There are several different models on the market and one that has three levels would be suitable. They are all very easy to use and are equipped with a timer and automatic shut off function. In addition, it is easy to clean them because they are made of materials that are dishwasher safe.

Device 2 - Hand blender / chopper

If you are limited to space but will still have the opportunity to make wonderful and healthy flavors, soups, smoothies and sauces then invest in one of our Christmas gifts for Christmas 2011. It comes with several attachments that allow you to chop, mix and whisk various ingredients. Of course, the chopping bracket that accompanies many of these machines is ideal for getting nice even pieces of vegetables to add to soups. In addition, it saves time having to chop up herbs.

Appliance 3 - Air protection

We have all become concerned about our weight and make sure we eat healthier. But also being able to enjoy things like french fries is also something we are looking for. Well with this special appliance you can still enjoy the good taste of french fries containing up to 80% less fat than when you would fry them in a traditional deep fried fryer. In fact, you can not only cook good taste of french fries but also a variety of other foods including chicken and meat in it. Also, because you only fry the ingredients that use air rather than oil, no odor is produced and also a much less steam. In addition, it is much easier to clean and not worry about where to dump the fat.

Device 4 - Blender

Instead of thinking of this machine as a way of mixing ingredients, think of it as a device for producing healthy meals and drinks. These machines have been designed in such a way that they can mix a variety of soft and hard ingredients. Most of these are equipped with extremely strong stainless steel blades that would have no problem grinding up ice cubes or frozen berries that can be added to yogurt to make delicious flavor smoothies. Plus with this one of our Christmas gifts for the Christmas 2011 kitchen appliances it lets you taste delicious soups to keep you warm in the winter. Plus in the summer why not use yours when holding a party to make some wonderful tasting cocktails.